Frequently Asked Questions

Does chiropractic hurt?
The various techniques used at the clinic are very safe, gentle and effective. The audible cracking sounds associated with chiropractic are a release of air and gases from fixated joints and shouldnt normally cause any discomfort to the patient.

What happens on the first visit?
All new patients have an initial consultation, where a full medical history in taken along with the appropriate orthopaedic and neurological tests in order to establish a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been established and there are no contra-indications you would then receive your first treatment at this time.
How many treatments will I need?

Every case is different, however generally the longer you have had the condition the longer it may take to correct the problem. As a general rule acute problems, of less than 12 wks duration, normally respond well with between 1-5 treatments.

Do we offer discounted block bookings?
It would be impossible and unrealistic to know how many treatments you would require in the initial stages. Your treatment plan is constantly being assessed at each visit, with treatments being booked in accordance to how you are responding each week rather than after a course of block treatments. This allows you, the patient, to have more control and input into your treatment plan and the cost.

Do I need a GP referral?
No, however chiropractors are primary healthcare professionals and work closely with GP and other healthcare professionals.