I have a long history of chronic lower back and sciatic pain after suffering a slipped disc which effectively ended my teaching career. After years of hospital visits, medical intervention and with the occasional aid of a hefty surgical corset I gradually achieved a very cautious life style. And so it was with utter dismay that recently I found myself once again in great pain having apparently sustained an injury to my back from some quite simple everyday bodily movement.

Several days of painkillers and immobility later, and fearing a return to years of pain, I turned in desperation to the official Register of Chiropractics who recommended Glen Thurlow at Goffs Oak Chiropractic Clinic.

Following an in-depth consultation and examination, a short course of treatment and specific exercise regime was suggested, which at the time and judging by my previous experience I thought very optimistic. However, true to his expectations and having completed the course, to my great relief I am now mercifully pain free, able with care to function more or less normally and have thankfully resumed my yoga practice which is a great pleasure.

C. Mangat, Goffs Oak